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Slamm Technologies is an international IT firm with its headquarters located in Manassas, VA, and additional offices in Worcester, MA, and Accra, Ghana. Specializing in comprehensive IT solutions, our services encompass IT Support, Career Services, and Corporate IT Training. Our diverse offerings include IT Training, Cybersecurity Build-up, Systems setup, Datacenter Build-up, IT professional services, IT consultation, IT Coaching, etc.
With a global reach, we provide tailored solutions and services to clients worldwide. Our dedicated development team is well-versed in understanding the unique demands of our clients, empowering them with the precise IT skills and knowledge necessary to foster business development and achieve sustained growth.

  • Cybersecurity Services

    Provides a range of solutions, including Threat Detection, Vulnerability Assessment, Incident Response, and Risk Management, aimed at safeguarding organizations against cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of their digital assets.

  • IT Services

    The IT services provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet clients' technological needs, encompassing support, Maintenance, and Implementation of diverse Software and Hardware systems.

  • Corporate / Individual Training

    The service provides targeted and comprehensive programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of professionals or individuals seeking certification in Information Technology.

  • Career Coaching & Career Placements

    This Service offers personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking professional development, offering tailored coaching and facilitating job placements.

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Our Team

Our Professional Team

Slamm ensures customer success by delivering unique best values solution, consulting services, and technologies that meet our client’ mission-critical needs-anytime and anywhere-and we create added through Transformation with Excellence, quality, innovation and partnership. 

Samuel Boateng

Samuel Boateng

Mr. Samuel Boateng is a seasoned cyber-security expert with more than 20 years of industry experience. Having assumed leadership roles in both government and the commercial sector, he currently serves as the CEO of Slamm Technologies. His extensive educational background, including a Doctoral (D.Sc.) study in Cybersecurity at Marymount University, a Master’s in Technology Management Professional from Georgetown University, a Master in Health Information Technology from George Washington University, and a B.Sc. in Cybersecurity Administration from Strayer University, complements his wealth of practical expertise. Mr. Boateng holds numerous IT certifications, equipping him to deliver comprehensive corporate and technical solutions to clients and customers.
Francisca Boateng

Francisca Boateng

Director Of Operations
Francisca Boateng is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, speaker, and educator. With nearly 3 decades of experience in business operations and accounting, Francisca is a passionate leader. She and her husband started and run Slamm Technologies, an IT company based in the US and Ghana that provides IT training and services to organizations, governments, and individuals. At Slamm, she serves as the co-founder and Director of Operations. In addition to her work at Slamm, Francisca is passionate about giving back. She is the co-founder of Speakwell Foundation, an organization that teaches people how to be effective communicators and leaders. Francisca started Read 2 Lead, a literacy-focused nonprofit organization, with her daughter. Since 2016, Read 2 Lead has built 3 libraries and has served around 50,000 students and their families. Most recently, she founded Slamm Aid, a nonprofit organization created to provide free, technical skill-based trainings for people around the world. Slamm Aid has partnered with several churches, parliamentarians, markets and youth organizations in Ghana and provided trainings to around 32,000 people. Francisca was born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana but has lived in the USA since 1994.

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Other Services

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Ghana Office

Slamm Technologies is a trusted IT firm based in Ghana that offers Cyber Security Support, Corporate IT Solutions and Professional IT Training courses with international certification.


Cooperate Social Responsibility

Slamm Technologies believe in giving back to the society. We have adopted Slamm Aid as our CSR program to transform lives through IT training. Through our CSR program, philanthropist, and volunteers efforts are being offered to the society.

Slamm Technologies is a global IT firm with offices in Manassas, VA, Worcester, MA, and Accra, Ghana. 


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