Here at Slamm, we have an on-site Security Operations Center. Here you will get all the hands-on you need to be familiar with and get experience working in a Security Operation Center!

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Performing Next-Generation SOC Monitoring, Incidence Response, and Detection Training

In the advent of Security breaches and threats organizations are facing today, the optimal security comes from cutting-edge monitoring tools together with Cyber expert support in an effortless and high engineered connected environment. Slamm offers Open Systems SOC-as-a-Service, with the mastery of open source applications used to enhance detection mechanisms and continuous improvement through training. Slamm Technologies provides training like no other using the advanced systems with demonstration through Physio-Analytical means to enhance how-SOC-is.

Network Security Monitoring

Providing visibility from across the company Network platform. Slamm’s focus is shifting from the old traditional way of log Analysis and moving into the cutting-edge using human advancement technology with logical approach to analyze in the meaningful way that makes sense. The combining of different platform logs and user bahavioral interaction of the system produce single methods to achieve results. 

Endpoint Detection and Response

We provide agility to systems for continuous monitoring in a fast responsive and efficient results.

Incident Response

Faster response time with our experts. 

Vulnerability Management

Measuring the security gaps, flaws and weaknesses that exist in your network.