"I had taken the SY0-401 class and did not pass the test then that test expired. Then started the SY0-501 course doing self studying then testing and not passing. Finally after just missing a passing score for the 2nd time I decided to call Slamm LLC and spoke with Samuel, not only is he a very personable person his staff is as well, he understood the help that I needed. And YES it helped, I passed and I could not be more happy. I know that hide sight is always 20-20, but I really wish I had heard about Slamm LLC back when I started this path over 3 years ago. There is a reason that Samuel is called DR. I.T. he really knows how to explain the material. If I could give 11 stars he would have them. I HIGHLY recommend Slamm LLC for classes and as a test taking facility. And to EVERYONE at Slamm LLC, THANK YOU ALL for all of your help and compassion, God Bless You All!!"
"Slamm LLC is the best institution to start your career in I. T. Dr. I. T. and his team are always available to ensure you get quality hands on training. Your success is their success; you’ll never regret studying with the SLAMMERS🤠"
“Slamm is the institute who introduced me into the IT program and Cyber Security. I had little knowledge in IT but now with the help of Slamm I can boldly say I am now a fulfilled Cyber Security Analyst with great analytical skills and experience in IT. Thanks to Slamm!”
“Slamm has helped me gain industry experience and confidence I needed to do a career change. I was a nanny before I joined Slamm, after 6 months of studying and practical’s I was able to pass my Security + exam on the first try. I was also able to land an IT Security job which gave me needed experience to further my career. Now I work for a top financial firm as a Senior IT Sec. There is no better place than Slamm they go above and beyond to make sure you are successful. They are the ONLY school that provides tools training and interview skills free of charge. I love Slamm so much I have referred most of my friends and they too had great success. Now I have multiple IT certifications because of that first call I made and changed my life. I did not think it was possible to make a six-figure salary but Samuel assured me that is what we can make and even more. It is indeed true, now I make six figures and the sky is the limit. Thank you Slamm.”
“Before Slamm I didn’t know which path to take. My thoughts were scattered trying different resources, and that resulted in confusion. Slamm helped first and most importantly to gain clear focus, to show me the road, and to tell me this is the way, you have to walk it out but they will hold your hand along the way. I loved the constant support.”
"I will always recommend Slamm Technologies to anyone who has interest in becoming an IT professional.They work with you and ensure you get what you need to begin with in all areas of the field.That notwithstanding, they have dedicated instructors and also very considerate and flexible when it comes to the tuition of the programs they offer and as far as I'm concerned, nothing beats that."
“I have been in sales and marketing all my career life and always been scared of anything Technical/IT/Maths. However, I wanted more money and, in the US, where else to look than the IT industry. I was introduced to Slamm by a friend who was then taking a security plus class. After speaking to Dr.IT and communicating my phobia and all... he assured me it wasn’t that scary. I decided to take up the challenge and registered for the next class which was in June of last year. Took both the network and security plus classes... the 1st day as expected... I was totally lost and wondered if this was for me… but by the end of the third week I was getting a hang of things. The tutors are very patient and thorough. Trust me if I say so. I had no clue what most IT things were... I took to reading and watching YouTube videos. After each class I went ahead and did all assignments and asked a lot of questions both in class and out of class. Guess what? Dr.IT will always either call you back or reply to your WhatsApp message. Anyways, after the two-month class I used one month to prepare for the exam and I passed the first time. The next month I put in an application for a SOC analyst job, went for an interview and I got the job! I’ve been at the same job for almost a year. My narration may seem simple and fairytale like but I put in a lot of hard work going over everything I was taught in class and Slamm provided all the needed resources. I never missed any tool session, never missed a class. The team at Slamm wants you to succeed so they do avail themselves to you at all times. I’m glad I was introduced to Slamm, even now I still call on Dr IT for guidance. Ps: and I’m not doing badly at my job at all!”
Naa O.
I had and still having great experience with Slamm Technologies. The instructors are doing great work. They are always doing what they can to help their students. Also, they help the students after they graduate by conducting test prep, interview preparation, as well as guiding them to get a job. Slamm LLC is a great training institution to go for Certifications and more.