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Slamm Success Stories

Our Happy Clients brag about us


"There is no better place than Slamm. they go above and beyond to make sure you are successful. They are the ONLY school that provides tools training and interview skills free of charge. I love Slamm so much I have referred most of my friends and they too had great success."

I had and still have great experiences with Slamm Technologies. The instructors are always doing what they can to help their students. Also, they help the students after they graduate by conducting test prep, interview preparation, as well as guiding them to get a job. Slamm LLC is a great training institution to go for certifications and more.​


Slamm Has Dedicated Instructors And Affordable Tuition And As Far As I'm Concerned, Nothing Beats That."
"The team at slamm wants you to succeed"
"Slamm LLC Is The Best Institution To Start Your Career In I. T."

A welcoming & Effective IT
Training center

I HIGHLY recommend Slamm LLC for classes and as a test taking facility. And to EVERYONE at Slamm LLC, THANK YOU ALL for all of your help and compassion, God Bless You All!!"
“I have been in sales and marketing all my career life and always been scared of anything Technical/IT/Maths. However, I wanted more money so I looked to the IT industry. I was introduced to Slamm by a friend who was then taking Security+. I decided to take up the challenge and registered for the next class and by the end of the third week I was getting a hang of things. The tutors are very patient and thorough. Dr. IT will always either call you back or reply to your WhatsApp message. After the two-month class I passed the exam. The next month I put in an application for a SOC analyst job, went for an interview and I got the job! I’ve been at the same job for almost a year.”