Cyber Hygiene


Think of cyber hygiene like basic bodily hygiene, only its in regards to your online activities. We wash our hands frequently to stop the spread of germs, not just when they are dirty. So why don’t we do the same with our cyber activities? Cyber Hygiene is a set of practices that help keep our devices healthy. Much like personal hygiene, we need cyber hygiene to prevent threats and deterioration. During this short seminar, you and your organization can learn best practices to keep your systems safe, especially during these increasingly risky times of working from home. Like the popular adage states: Prevention is better than a cure!

Cyber Hygiene Learning Objectives

  • What is Cyber Hygiene
  • Threats and how to handle them
    • Mobile
    • Software
    • Network
    • Web
  • Vulnerabilities & Risks
  • Applications
  • And more


Course Features

  • In this seminar-style course, you will learn real-world applications and best practices of Cyber Hygiene.
  • Advice tailored to your business needs and practices
  • Q&A session at the end



  • During COVID-19, this course will be a live virtual session. A link will be provided prior to the event.



Future sessions will be posted when available. If you’re interested in this course for your company register below and we will schedule a class just for you and your employees.

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