There are numerous articles discussing the rapid explosion of IT jobs and the lack of IT career professionals. Several note the reasoning as to why this is and the current trends in the IT field, but have rarely discussed what the benefits of joining the IT field entail. Here 5 reasons to enter the IT field will be discussed:

Stability in IT

With the high demand for IT professionals and thousands of empty IT positions, the IT field provides plenty of stability. During tough economic times, there is still a deep need for IT professionals due to companies’ and governments’ collection of sensitive information. Those in IT who specialize in the protection of databases and networks are known as Cyber Security Specialists, and those positions are increasingly in high demand.

Quality Pay in IT

When choosing a new career, pay should not be the main factor – but can be a bonus. IT professionals on average earn about $80k, but can earn more than $100k. Overall, the salary of IT professionals has been very consistent and high quality, along with steadily increasing. This is due to the drastic demand for those in the IT field and the lack of IT professionals. Remember you must enjoy this line of work, or else not even the pay could make you stay.

Remote Work

Finding a job in IT that allows remote work is becoming increasingly more common. IT requires using a computer but does not require the person to be in an office setting to do it. Therefore, many IT professionals prefer to work from home or travel around the world as long as they have a reliable internet connection.

Live Abroad as an IT Professional

Relating back to remote work, many IT professionals have opted to either take their remote work abroad and travel between their hours of work or to completely move abroad and work for a company in their intended destination. There is a massive IT professionals deficit in Europe and the US, meaning there is a high demand for their skills. This allows IT professionals more flexibility to move to other countries, but that is not to say it is easy.

Always Learning

The IT field is always growing and adapting to the newest technologies and cyber threats. You will continue to learn new skills and gain increasingly valuable information. If your current field seems dull and unexciting, then maybe switching to IT would be a great career move.

Final Thoughts

IT is a relatively new field and is ever-growing. You should not enter this field if you do not have some level of interest in computers and their mechanics, or are only interested in how much you can earn. If these are the reasons why you want to be an IT professional, you will quickly be disappointed and likely leave IT. There are many benefits to IT besides money; including high work stability, possible remote work, continual learning, and flexibility to work abroad. If these benefits intrigue you, then start looking into basic IT courses to confirm whether IT is right for you.