5 Myths about Apple’s Mac Computers

gray mac with the apple logo on a gray wooden surface

Nowadays, Mac computers seem to be the almost default computer for consumers, primarily Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Many people argue that the reason they chose a Mac was because they are more secure than PCs. This is one of the many myths that Apple and its consumers like to state about their products, but it is false. This, along with several other myths, will be debunked below.

  1. “Macs don’t get any viruses”. This is not true! In fact, they can get viruses just like any other system. It is true though that the Mac system does make it harder to get viruses, but it is not impossible. As malware becomes more sophisticated, it can
  2. “Macs do not crash”. Any long-term Mac user can confirm that their laptops or desktops do, in fact, crash. This tends to happen more frequently after several years of use as the computer slowly degrades. But also, it can be due to the excessive amount of programs running simultaneously. Either way, it is important for users to continuously update their software and run full scans on their computers in order to optimize the computer’s efficiency.
  3. “Macs are best for those in the Media or Art industry”. Nowadays, Microsoft and HP and other leading computer developers are becoming the preferred computers for creative users. There is no “best” computer for those in the creative industry, as it greatly varies on the user’s intention for it. Microsoft Surface has been promoted as the modern person’s “dream computer” since it is great with creative design and is practical for a business person to travel with.
  4. “Macs have no problems with gaming”. This is technically true. The biggest issue between Macs and gaming is that a Mac doesn’t have as powerful programming systems like PCs do. This is why gamers prefer to use other systems like Alienware, which can support program intense games (e.g. WoW or LoL).
  5. “Macs have amazing battery life”. Brand new Macs do have great battery life, but as with any computer, the battery life tends to degrade over time. On average, the battery life of a Mac or a PC tend to be the same. There isn’t a huge margin between one or the other. In order to keep your amazing battery life, remember to manually shut down your computer when you are done and don’t leave it idle if you aren’t going to use it in the immediate future.

In the end, Macs are really great computers. They are extremely beneficial for those who use them, but they are not impervious to modern problems that all computers have. Keep this in mind the next time someone mentions one of these myths to you.

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