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At Slamm Technologies, we deliver top IT Training and Services to our clients and students and train with excellence. We have been training students since 2008, and officially opened our physical location in 2016. When we first started Slamm in 2004, it was originally a Loan and Mortgage company founded by our owner, Samuel. Hence, SLAMM! (We added an extra M for fun) Once Samuel began training others in IT outside of his own IT job, did the idea to transform Slamm into an IT company really took form. Since then, we have trained an estimated 15,000 students and taught over 300,000 hours of classes.

We have three locations; Manassas, VA, Worcester, MA, and Accra, Ghana. We provide a variety of IT and Cyber Security classes online and in-person at each location. Our online courses are available to anyone in the U.S., and are offered at various times throughout the week. Each student has access to one-on-one tutoring and career services, even after they graduate. We also provide IT services for businesses as well, from customized service packages to by-appointment services.

As an IT company, we believe it is important to provide information to our clients on the newest technology threats and how to protect themselves. Hence a blog! Here we will discuss the latest industry news and trends, along with providing tips and tricks to keep your information secure. Keeping up with the constant changes in the cyber world, it is important to stay on top of the newest threats to you and your company. Remember, all it takes is for one mistake to cripple your business.

Follow our blog so you avoid making common mistakes. Check back here every Thursday for our latest news and tips so you can stay in the know!

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