5 Ways to Determine If Your Computer has a Virus

computer being hacked by a virus and showing code

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is for your computer to suddenly stop working properly. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from using an older system to having a virus on your computer. If it is a virus, here are several ways you can determine your computer has been compromised:

  1. Pop-ups: An immediate way to determine if you have a virus is whether a pop-up appears when you open a browser (i.e. Google Chrome). If there is a pop-up, your system has been compromised. Normally your Anti-Virus will block these pop-ups.
  2. Slow system: Another way to tell is if your computer is slow. There is a difference between “running too many programs at once” slow and “someone hacked into the computer system” slow. Typically you can tell if it is a virus by looking at the Task Manager tool. Don’t recognize a running program and its using a lot of your computer’s resources? It’s probably a virus. Additionally, if the computer feels abnormally hot while its running, this is a key indicator your computer has been compromised.
  3. Change in system profile: One day you wake up and the name and photo of your system profile is different, then your system has been compromised. If you can’t change your password or your profile back, you may need to visit your local GeekSquad to have the virus manually removed. 
  4. The system keeps shutting down: It is frustrating when your computer suddenly shuts down while your working due to a computer update. But if it consistently shuts down after you restart the computer then your system is most likely compromised. The sudden restart of the computer while having the latest computer update could indicate something more sinister. The reason why a computer will suddenly restart is for the malware to be fully implemented into the computer system. If this happens, you should then use your Anti-Virus program and scan the computer for a virus. This should take about an hour to complete and by the end the virus should be eliminated from your computer. 
  5. Rolling web page: A clear indicator that there is a virus is when the web page you are on keeps strolling down. This can also be in conjunction with opening random other web pages which you clearly did not click on.

Remember, the best way to avoid getting a virus on your computer is to run a full scan on your computer. Additionally, avoid clicking on links or emails that do not look legitimate or secure. If you’re unsure if something is safe to click on, do not click on it.